Welcome to the Butterfield Trail Elementary Archery Team’s online auction.  Auction proceeds raised here will support the Archery Team’s Travel Fund.

The online auction is officially closed!  Please check the items you’ve bid on and if you are the winner, make sure your email address is posted.  If your email is not posted, email Robyn Ledbetter at rsledbetter@gmail.com or by calling (479) 409-0161 to make payment and pick up arrangements.

To make donations directly to the Butterfield Archery Team, visit our facebook page and click on the Donate Button.

The BTE Archery Team Auction benefits the Butterfield Trail Archery Team who qualified to compete in the National Archery Competition in Louisville, KY.

IF YOU ARE THE HIGHEST BIDDER: If you are the highest bidder at noon CDT on May 4, 2013, you will be contacted by BTE Archery Team Auction Committee, to arrange payment.

PAYMENT: You must pay online with a credit card. If you are the highest bidder, you will be emailed a link you can use to pay with credit cardCredit card transactions will be processed through the BTE PTO Paypal System.

If you are the highest bidder, the auction managers will send you an email to put you in contact with the item provider. The conditions of the item are included in each listing, so you will know the details of what you are bidding on. Payments should be made by May 5. Items may be collected or will be delivered when payment is received.

CONTACT: Thanks for supporting the online auction. If you have any questions, contact Robyn Ledbetter at rsledbetter@gmail.com

All proceeds received through this auction are for the purchase of a product or service and are not tax-deductible charitable gifts.

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